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Easy DIY Birthday Party Decorations for Any Age

Birthday parties are the highlight of the year for those of us under 10-years old. Growing older doesn’t mean you need to ditch the festive birthday bash! With Paper Mart’s huge range of party supplies, you can whip together a ton of DIY birthday party decorations that even the oldest birthday boys and girls will enjoy.

Handmade DIY Birthday Party Cupcake Garlands

Handmade garlands are the perfect way to add a touch of class to birthday frivolity, and cupcake liners make them a snap to put together.

To get started, simply thread a needle with sturdy string or twine, then pierce Paper Mart cupcake wrappers through the bottom center to add them to the garland. Keep the needle holes small so friction naturally holds the cupcake wrappers in place.

Set an adult theme with coordinated color choices, or go kid-wild and add every color and pattern in the rainbow!

Add: Guojiapozi Village,Huanxiu Sub-district Office,Jimo


H.P.:  +86-15244286370
Fax:  4008266163-2097
E-mail:  rita@JTCpackage.com

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