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  • Our New Showing Room/ 2019-06-14

    Display Cabinet By DIY...

  • Easy DIY Birthday Party Decorations for Any Age/ 2017-04-26

    Birthday parties are the highlight of the year for those of us under 10-years old. Growing older doesn’t mean you need to ditch the festive birthday bash! ...

  • How to order your bespoke printed paper bags/ 2017-04-26

    It can be hard to know where to start when it comes to ordering custom paper bags for your business, so we have put together a guide on each step of the process to make it clearer and to help you get the perfect bag to suit your requirements....

  • Welcome to Qingdao JTC Package Co., Ltd./ 2017-04-26

    Qingdao JTC Package Co., Ltd. has been specialized in paper products for more than 13 years. Our main products are paper bag, paper box, and other related paper products....

Add: Guojiapozi Village,Huanxiu Sub-district Office,Jimo


H.P.:  +86-15244286370
Fax:  4008266163-2097
E-mail:  rita@JTCpackage.com

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